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During your portrait session with us, you can expect a fun and relaxed experience. We realize that every baby and child is different, and we want to capture what makes your child special.

Here’s a little Q&A that might help you prepare for your session:

How long does the session last?

- That depends on the age of your child.  A newborn session might take up to two hours.  We want your little one to be comfortable and relaxed. This often requires frequent breaks for changing diapers, feeding, or cuddling.

- A toddler’s session is typically only about 30 – 40 minutes long if he is happy and cooperative.  Remember the attention span of a child is short; if we get great shots right away, we don’t want to push them to the point of a meltdown.  If your child takes a little while to warm up and get comfortable in a new environment, we are not going to rush that.  We’ll allow as much time as needed.

- Older children and high school senior sessions are typically one hour long. This allows time for an outfit change if you would like.

What should we wear?

- For newborns, it’s simple…nude is best.  We’ll use soft blankets and fabrics to wrap your baby for the coziest images. We have a selection of fun hats and headbands and you are welcome to bring your own as well.  We also encourage you to bring anything you would like to add to the session, like an heirloom blanket or handmade items that are special to you.

- A baby or child’s session is typically best done in one outfit.  You know your child best, if you would like to bring a second option, we can definitely play that by ear.  As for what looks best in pictures, simple solids of primary or pastel colors are usually best.  Very bright colors will often reflect on the face and create a distraction. Very light colors that are too close to skin tones will make the subject appear very pale. The goal is to bring focus to the subject and her expressions, not her clothes.  Avoid bold stripes, plaids, big logos, and busy prints as they are visually distracting. Remember comfort, avoid clothes that are tight or fabrics that are stiff.

- An older child or high school senior is welcome to bring a couple of outfits. The same suggestions apply for colors as noted above.  Bring a hairbrush for girls with long hair to help tame the fly-aways.  If needed, barrettes and hairbows are helpful in keeping hair off the face.  Well pressed clothes are also important. (Remind your high school senior not to toss his outfits into his gym bag…..yes, he probably needs to be told.)

- For family sessions, avoid matching outfits. Rather, try to find colors that compliment one another.  Here’s a tip you will like, mom; start with what you want to wear and dress everyone else to compliment you.

- Maternity sessions are fun in a flirty sundress if shooting outdoors, or a pair of pants and button down top that can be opened to expose the belly.  For an indoor session, a solid bandeau top and yoga pants are great. Remember to leave off any tight or binding clothing or underwear that will leave marks on your skin if you plan on exposing your belly or shoulders.

When should we book our session?

- Newborn sessions are best shot before the baby is two weeks old.  With that in mind, you should call before your due date to book this.

- Our portrait sessions typically book up two to three weeks out, so call as early as you can.  If we are booked up, we can certainly keep your name on a call list in case of cancellations.

- Maternity sessions: Pregnant bellies are best photographed at 30-35 weeks.

Can I include a sibling in the session?

- Session fees listed in our brochure are for one subject.  If you would like to include big brother or big sister in the session, there is an additional fee per person.

- While we welcome siblings to be photographed together, we recommend you decide what you want to get out of a particular session.  If your goal is to get both children together, that is what we will focus on. If your children are very small, you might consider making it a family session.

- If you want individual portraits of each child, it is recommended that you set up separate sessions for them so we can provide the necessary attention to each one.

When will I see the photos? And how do I order them?

- We typically have portrait sessions online for you to view within 5-10 business days after your session. Once they are available, we will call you with a password and walk you through getting online to view them.  Keep in mind that these are proofs and anything you order for prints or albums will be edited further if needed.

- You can place your order online, via email or telephone, or you can set up an appointment with Julie to view them on our monitors. She will be glad to help you with narrowing down images to the very best choices and choosing sizes and mediums on which to print your images.

- If you would like to bring in measurements of the particular spaces you’d like to display your portraits, we can better help you in the decision making process. You might even snap some shots of those locations with your phone to help us visualize the space. 

What if my child is not himself on the day of the session?

- While children’s moods are highly unpredictable, there are some things you can do to help prevent meltdowns. Make sure he is well rested and fed. Think about regular nap schedules when setting up your appointment.

- If your child is just having an “off” day and doesn’t seem to be consolable, we will reschedule the session once at no charge.  We want you to be thrilled with your images.

- If your child becomes sick just before the day of the session and doesn’t act himself, you will see this in the images. Please call and reschedule.

Should I bring a helper to get my child’s attention?

- If there is a particular person that your child responds best to, you are welcome to invite them along for the session. However, do not feel obligated to bring helpers. In a typical child’s portrait session, Jeff will be behind the camera ready to snap away, while Julie works with the child to get the best giggles and smiles. In most situations a child responds best with fewer helpers.


"OH MY GOSH!!!  These are awesome!!!  I started crying just looking at these – they are so good.  Our hard work that day paid off!!  Once again, thank you so so much.  These are just unreal!!!!  I would have never thought the pictures with Lizzie would have turned out that good.  You would have never thought she was “Taz” that day."